I Have Had An Energy Healing Session, Now I Feel So Emotional. Why?

This is a classic response after a client has come in for their first energy healing session. At first, they walk away from the session feeling absolutely amazing but then a few days later, old emotions rise to the surface. Here's why.

Energy Healing Therapy clears energetic blockages on the spiritual, mental and emotional level. When these blockages have been cleared old, repressed emotions rise to the surface. This can be a troubling time, but it is an essential part to the healing process.

Your old, negative emotions, which were hidden deep within you, rise to the surface and eventually evaporate away. It can be a tough time, but once you get through it, it is done. That part of your self is now healed. Those old emotions have cleared away.

Why Self-Care Is Important

While you might feel refreshed, energized and empowered immediately after an energy healing, it is possible that you have some old emotions that need to be cleared and that will happen over the next several weeks after an energy healing session. It is important to be aware of this before going into your session and make sure that you have no big events coming up in the near future.

Being kind to yourself though this emotional time is imperative. Remember that the emotions and memories that you are experiencing are all part of the healing process and that all you need to do is release them.

Drink plenty of water immediately after your energy healing, and continue to make sure that you stay well-hydrated for the following weeks. You should be making sure that you stay well-hydrated anyway but during this particular time, it will speed up the healing process.

Keeping a journal throughout this time is very therapeutic. Writing your thoughts down is one way to release & let go negative feelings and emotions.

Energy healing does have a downside, and the emotional release that you sometimes experience is the downside. However, if you are prepared and ready, you can make the experience go much easier. All you need to do is let go and release.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance energy healing is just as effective as a face-to-face energy healing session. The reason for this is because the energy works on a higher dimensional level and works with your higher dimensional bodies.

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We humans are higher dimensional beings but our consciousness mainly resides in the 3rd dimensional, physical dimension. Because of this, we experience reality as a physical reality.

While we obviously have a physical body, we also have an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. You might sometimes hear the terms “Lightbody” or “Higher-Self” being used -it refers to the higher dimensional bodies.

What Is Energy Healing?

Before we talk about how distance healing works, we need to talk about what energy healing is and how it works.

There are many different methods of energy healing, Angelic Healing Therapy, Reiki, Prana, Tantra, Prayer… but the energy all comes from the same source and essentially delivers the same results.

Energy healing works on the higher dimensional, spiritual body. The healing energy then trickles down through the mental body, to the emotional body and then finally, through to the physical body.

Energy healing has an effect on the physical body the same way that stress has an effect on the physical body. Someone who experiences a lot of worry and stress is going to feel more tired, experience more aches and pains and is going to get sick more often than someone who doesn't experience a lot of stress.

Energy healing works by healing the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies so the physical body can heal without limitations. Blockages in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies can cause limitations, or issues, with the physical bodies healing process. So if you have a sore throat, go see a doctor. The doctor will heal the immediate issue on a physical level, and you use a complimentary therapy like energy healing to heal the higher dimensional bodies (and the underlying issue) which will allow your physical body to heal quickly and with ease.

Distance Healing

Distance healing works because the subtle energies that you are working with and the higher dimensional bodies that you are working on, transcend space and time (time being the 4th dimension). In the higher dimensions, higher dimensional beings travel through space and time, using intent. A higher dimensional being doesn't need to fly or float to get to their destination, they just use their intention and immediately reach their destination.

Generally, Energy Healing Therapists/Spiritual Healers are people who are able to raise their consciousness to a higher dimension. Throughout their day-to-day lives, their consciousness resides on the third dimension, just like everyone else. However, through training and meditation, they are able to raise their consciousness to a higher level and work through their spiritual body. This gives them spiritual healing and intuitive abilities.

The Energy Healing Therapist will raise their consciousness to a higher dimension and work through their spiritual body, or higher-self. Using focus and intent, the Energy Healing Therapist will then “travel” to your lightbody and conduct the healing from a higher dimension.

There is no difference in effectiveness between a distance healing and a face-to-face healing as they both work on a higher dimensional level. However, the client might benefit more from a face-to-face healing session as they are able to give feedback during the session, and the therapist can respond accordingly.

Upcoming Lunar Eclipse In Leo

On Saturday 21st of January, there will be a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. Lunar eclipses are always quite emotional but with this eclipse, tensions will be running higher than usual.

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This is a time to reflect and review the past month. Have you been to harsh on yourself or others? Now is a great time to forgive and let go of any resentment.

While the New Moon is a time for new beginnings and starting new projects, the Full Moon is a time for rest, reflection and review.

The full moon is also a time for manifestation. Did you set any intentions this past New Moon? Because now would be a good time to see if any of those intentions or goals have come to pass. Is there anything that needs to be changed? Sometimes life doesn't always go as planned and we have to re-access our goals and intentions so we can fit them into our lives.

Depending on your sun sign, this lunar eclipse in Leo could come quite easy for you. If your sun sign is Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius then you might find that this lunar eclipse is an easy time for you. For everyone else, it can be a difficult and emotional time.

Leo is a bright, creative and proud sign and this Full Moon eclipse would be a great time to ask yourself whether you have been to arrogant or self-centered lately? Have you been expressing yourself enough? Have you been using your creative talents? Have you been loving and taking care of yourself?

Recording these answers in a journal can be extremely helpful when the next New Moon in Aquarius comes around on February the 4th/5th (depending on where you are in the world) and you begin setting your intentions for the next month. Think of any changes that need to be made within yourself or your goals.

Developing Your Claircognizance

Claircognizance is one of the more useful extra-sensory abilities that a person can develop. The information that comes through is clear and direct. However, it can be a hard ability to develop but with practice and persistence, a person can develop a strong sense of Claircognizance.

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Claircognizance means “Clear Thinking” -the information that you receive comes through the mind, or mentally. Every time you have a random idea, thought or inspiration, that seemingly came out of no where, it is information that is coming from your higher-self. Everyone experiences Claircognizance but not many people have developed it.

The difficulty with developing Claircognizance is determining whether the information is coming from your higher-self or whether it is coming from the ego. The more you practice, record your information and later review that information, the easier it becomes to determine the difference between higher-self sourced information and ego sourced information.

If you have any feelings of doubt, then the information is coming from your ego.

Keep a journal, specifically for developing your sense of Claircognizance. Start by asking yourself a question, then immediately writing down whatever comes to mind. At first your answers might seem like jibberish but the more you practice this, the stronger the information from your higher-self will come through.

Don't think about what you are writing, just write whatever comes to mind. Ask yourself any question at all, then write down whatever pops into your head.

Once some time has passed, you can review your question and answers. Does anything resonate with you? Did anything come to pass? Does something that didn't make sense before, make sense now?

The more you practice this exercise, the stronger your Claircognizance will develop. You can use this ability for anything, from receiving spiritual or career guidance to finding lost keys.

How Important Is Meditation?

Many people want to know if they can skip meditation when developing their extra-sensory abilities. Meditation can often be hard work. It takes dedication and self-discipline to stick to a regular meditation routine but the results are incredible.

Meditation doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to take long. Set 5 minutes aside each day to sit in total silence. Just close your eyes and pay attention to what is going on in your head. Set a timer if you want to, or don't. Allow your thoughts to wander and pay attention to what those thoughts are.

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You could also spend 5 minutes a day doing positive visualisation. Think of something that you really want and imagine what life would be like if you had it.

You could set a timer for 5 minutes and repeat an affirmation or mantra, over and over again throughout that time.

You could even play some positive, uplifting music with the intention of allowing yourself to get lost in the music for the duration of the song.

There is no right way to meditate, despite what some people may tell you. Meditation is all about quietening the mind and being in the moment. There are countless methods for this. You can create your own method, whatever works for you.

If 5 minutes is too long, start with 3 minutes. Eventually you will be able to sit or lie in stillness for longer. Ideally, you would do at least 10 minutes of meditation a day but start with a realistic time that you can stick to.

Be persistent. It takes 21 days to create a habit, so be aware of that on the days when you feel like being lazy and skipping meditation. Push yourself through the lazy days and after 3 weeks, meditation should become a regular habit that you don't want to miss.

Meditation is an underrated skill that benefit you in your daily life. You will find yourself worrying less and handling stressful situations more calmly, your memory will improve, your energy will increase. There are countless real-world benefits to meditation.

Meditation is imperative to your spiritual development and the development of extra-sensory abilities. If this is your goal, then you can't skip meditation. If meditation is difficult for you, develop your own form of meditation that works for you and start will a short time limit. Dedicate yourself and train yourself to sit/lie in meditation for longer and longer. Take all the time that you need.