Baby Steps To Using Mantras

Mantras could be your way of attaining peace of mind and happiness. You need to understand chanting mantra is not about religious or traditional words. You can have your own personalized mantra to fit yourself. So here are my steps to using mantras.


  1. Create a time and space for you
  2. YOU need to create a time and space for you to chant your mantra. Allocate a time of a day for you to do that. Also create an environment that is quiet and away from all noise and distraction. So if you start in the morning, you can start with the mantra “Today I will be happy”.
  1. Position
  2. Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your whole body and start taking deep breaths. Now start chanting the mantra that you have created for yourself. As you chant the mantra, empty your mind and allow your mind to be filled with soothing images such as waterfall, or the seaside. Do this for 10-15 minutes.
  1. Breathe
  2. After that 10-15 minutes, cease your chanting and just start taking deep breaths for another 10 minutes. That last 10 minutes will allow you to absorb your mantra and help you prepare to act out your mantra. Now slowly open your eyes and stretch your body. You are prepared to start the day.


Once you are done with your morning mantra, you can now start your day fresh. Remember that you can have a mantra for different situations. For example if your children made you angry over something petty, take a step back and take deep relaxing breaths. Repeat to yourself words such as I will not be angry over petty stuff. Repeat it over and over again and feel your body relax. This will help you control your stress level and avoid you screaming at your children.

So here is my beginner’s guide to chanting mantra. Try it out yourself, the results will be amazing!

-jenna signiture

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