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Fave Scents For Relaxing | JennaNewbery.com

Many people who use relaxation techniques and meditation like to use scent as a way to hasten their transition to a more tranquil and receptive state. Every scent has its own effect on the body and mind as well as bringing up memories of places and people. You can use the scents of aromatherapy candles, essential oils and diffusers to create whatever environment conducive to your desired mental state.

Here are a few tried and true fragrances to try:



The queen of relaxation fragrances. It is best known for its sleep and relaxation properties. Just smelling the scent as you retire will make falling asleep easy. Some keep a little pouch of Lavender blossoms next to their pillow to keep them asleep or to sniff if they should awaken.



Another sleep inducer. You can drink the tea before bedtime, use an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom, or use a small pouch of the flowers next to your pillow. This is very effective for children, too.



Helps calm and focus the mind. It relieves stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Its scent is uplifting, comforting and grounding.



A scent that works very well for most, but there are some that do not respond to it. It is known as the fragrance of love and romance. The sweet scent relieves frustration and nervousness.


Ylang Ylang

Smells sweet and goes well with the Orange fragrance. Calming the heart and nerves, it also promotes relaxation and release of tension.



The musty-earthy smell gives a sense of protection and inner strength. It is a depressor of the nervous system and a boost for the circulatory system.



Smells similar to lemon, but different, and is the herb used in Earl Grey Tea. It relieves depression and anxiety and is a cheerful, uplifting scent.



Used since biblical times and is used to promote tranquility and focus the mind. Useful in meditation and when you need to focus on a task.


Sandalwood and Mandarin Orange

Both good scents to use for relaxation.



Also known as the “oil of peace”, is very grounding. It has sedative properties that help calm the mind of worries and those inner voices. It has pulled people back from the edge of nervous exhaustion.


See which you like best and keep it handy for nights you just can’t get to sleep.

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