The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast

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Would you like a simple way to really change your life? Instead of merely getting by, you’ll find that your life can truly be exceptional  when you focus on positive solutions rather than the constraints of your challenges. The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast, originated by Emmett Fox, one of the most popular self-help authors and speakers of the early 20th century, is an adventure you’ll reap many benefits from. The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast Here are the rules: 1. If you break any of the other rules, you must start the 10 days over from the beginning. To get the full effect, you must complete 10 consecutive days. Giving up...

16 Empowering Beliefs to Live By Today

16 empowering beliefs to live by today | http://JennaNewbery.com

Your experiences are shaped by your thinking. Even obstacles have a value when you can see it. You can develop convictions that will help you to feel happier and achieve more, regardless of the situation. Consider these empowering beliefs that you can start using today to transform your life through the power of positive thinking. Empowering Beliefs to Make You Smile 1. I understand my potential. You can achieve amazing results when you put your mind to it. Feel excited about reaching your true potential. 2. I count my blessings. List each thing that you have to be grateful for. Remember to include the smaller items, like warm socks or...

The Law of Attraction Explained Plus Free Gift For Readers!

Law Of Attraction Explain Plus Free Gift For Readers | http://JennaNewbery.com

The Law Of Attraction Explained What is the Law of Attraction? The best way to describe it is that your dominant thoughts and feelings, whether positive or negative, will find a way to manifest in your life. Quite simply put, your life is a manifestation of what you think about most or what you predict it would be. Want to lose weight? Be a millionaire? Be happily married? Then simply visualize it, and you will get it. Before the skeptic in you dismisses this as rubbish, take a moment to think about your life and how it has turned out. Given your beliefs in yourself and what you think about...