This is just a little experiment that I made for fun. It’s a 3 card reading ( Now updated to 4 card reading!), based on Angel Numbers. Click on the cards below to discover their meaning or use the icons below to shuffle or flip all the cards.

The cards include the numbers 1-9. I didn’t include the common angel numbers such as 111 or 444 etc. as I wanted to keep the oracle as simple as possible.

*I chose a simple 3 card spread because it is versatile. You can choose to do a Past/Present/Future spread or a Situation/Action Required/Outcome spread, or something else. I will let you decide.

*Now updated to 4 card spread, but you can still choose to only draw 3 cards if you wish.

This was just a rough thing that I whipped up in an afternoon, so don’t expect too much. I will be making better oracle and divination spreads in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

The more often a number is repeated, the stronger the message. So pay special attention to any repeated numbers.