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Attuning To Subtle Energies

There are subtle energies all around us that we don’t often notice. We have the ability to sense these subtle energies but they are usually overcome by the regular physical sensations that we experience.

Some people are naturally more sensitive to these subtle energy systems. These people have extra-sensory perception and might appear to be psychic. They are able to feel the energy emitting from crystals, sense when someone is hiding something or lying and is naturally empathic and able to sense other people’s emotions.

Others might have trouble sensing these subtle energies and will probably not notice them. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to sense these subtle energies at all, it just means that they need to train, attune themselves and open up their mind/body awareness so that they are able to notice these very subtle energy systems.

Becoming aware of these subtle energies and learning how to interpret them opens up extra abilities. You will be able to develop stronger intuition, healing and manifestation abilities.

Mindful Meditation

Practicing mindful meditation regularly will help you become aware of these subtle energies. Set aside 10 minutes a day -that is all you need, to practice mindful meditation.

Many people think that mindful meditation is a practice where you completely clear your mind of thoughts. Some others think that it is a practice where you shift all focus onto a single object, neither of these things are mindful meditation.

With mindful meditation, the objective is to be in a complete state of observation, without judgement. You observe any thoughts that pop into your head and any physical sensations that you feel.

  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable and safe place, close your eyes and settle your mind. Don’t try to clear your mind of thoughts, instead you observe the thoughts that come up. Observe how those thoughts develop and where they come from
  • Also observe any physical sensations that you might be experiencing. Pay the attention to any tingling, light twitching, buzzing or even bubbling sensations. These sensations caused by subtle energies.
  • Pay attention to any visuals you might see, or any sounds/music you might hear/imagine.

Set aside at least 10 minutes a day for mindful meditation, meditate for as long as you feel comfortable.

Quick Exercise

This is a quick exercise that can be done within a couple minutes and several times a day. It is important to practice this exercise as often as possible, to strengthen your awareness to subtle energies.

  • First, rub your hands together, quickly and create a bit of friction. This stimulates the nerves, blood flow and activates the hands energy centers.
  • Next, hold your palms together with a small space in between, so they aren’t touching.
  • Now slowly move your hands further away from each other, pay special attention to the sensations in your palms. Be aware of any tingling or warmth. Slowly move your hands closer, then further away again. Pay attention to any subtle, faint feelings and sensations in your hands.
  • This next part is optional. Try holding a crystal in one hand and sensing the difference in energies with the other hand. If you have multiple crystals, try feeling the subtle differences between the crystals energies.

Learning to sense subtle energies is one of the biggest life-hacks that you could use in your life. This fundamental skill will help you become more intuitive and manifest your reality.

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