Automating Your Creative Flow: Sharing Blog Posts to Pinterest Using Zapier

Get Swept Up in a Whirlwind of Efficiency!

Let’s set the scene – you’re a modern-day content creator, deftly navigating the ebbs and flows of the digital world. You churn out stellar blog posts consistently, sprinkling your unique charm and finesse across the Internet. But, there’s always this lingering agenda – sharing your work on social media platforms. Can you feel the drag? Well, honey, that’s where automation becomes your BFF! Specifically, we are talking about sharing your blog posts to Pinterest using Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is like Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz – it magically connects your apps and automates repetitive tasks without you needing to code or hire developers. Sounds too good to be true? Stick with me!

It’s all about creating Zaps – automated workflows that connect your apps and services together. One action triggers another without you having to lift a finger. In our case, we’ll create a zap that automatically posts your blog content to Pinterest when you hit ‘publish’. No need to click through multiple tabs or copy-paste URLs anymore.

Excited already? Grab yourself a green tea latte (almond milk for me please!) and let’s dive into it!

Create a ‘Zap’

Step 1: Sign Up / Log In (Don’t worry; it’s free!)

Visit Zapier and click on the Sign Up button if you’re new around here, or Log In if you have been part of the family.

Step 2: Click on ‘Make a Zap’

Once you’re logged in, click on the big orange ‘Make a Zap’ button in the top right-hand corner.

Step 3: Set a Trigger

In the ‘Choose App & Event’ search bar type in the platform where your blog is hosted, such as WordPress, Medium or whatever your heart (or professional life) fancies. Choose the appropriate event, like ‘New Post’, and hit ‘Continue’.

Step 4: Connect Your Blogging Platform

You’ll now need to connect your account by signing in. Follow the steps on your screen, grant all those permissions and click ‘Continue’. Zapier will then fetch a sample post to test the connection. Make sure it’s all hunky-dory!

Share That Post, Darling!

Now that the trigger is set up for new blog posts, it’s time to hook it up to our diva – Pinterest.

Step 1: Choose Your Action App

In the ‘Do this…’ section, find and select Pinterest. On the next page you’ll encounter different action events. Choose ‘Create Pin’ (unless you have a custom plan!).

Step 2: Connect to Pinterest

If you’ve been socializing with Zapier before, you might already have your Pinterest account connected. If not, click on ‘Sign in to Pinterest’, follow those easy-as-pie instructions and voila – interconnectedness!

Step 3: Customize Your Pin

Here we craft how our blog post appears on Pinterest. Select your Pinterest board in the drop-down menu where you want to share the post. Confused about other fields like Image URL or Source URL? Click on the button on the right and select from your data samples fetched from your blog. Craft a caption that reflects your personality and style!

Step 4: Test It Out!

Finally, take a deep breath and hit ‘Test & Continue’. Check out your Pinterest board if everything looks chic and shiny. If not, backtrack and polish anything that needs tweaking.

Final Touches:

Once you’re satisfied with the test, turn ON your Zap. Just like that, automation has entered your content-creating life! Whenever you publish a blog post, it will automatically land on your chosen Pinterest board. Efficient and consistent!


Beloved creatives and tech-lovers, remember: when tedious tasks pile up, use automation to clear out the clutter and make space for real creativity. With Zapier’s magic wand at your disposal, sharing your blog posts to Pinterest has never been smoother. Stay stellar!

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