First Post! Well Actually…

Actually, it is more like my 1000th post. I have restarted this blog, multiple times, always straying away from my true intentions for this blog/website. This time I know I am going to get it right.

Jenna Newbery |

Hello, I am Jenna. I am a mother to a beautiful little boy and I live in gorgeous Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a coffee and tea enthusiast, an Angel intuitive and I create music that stimulates altered states of consciousness.

Reach Altered States Of Consciousnesses Through Music

Using brainwave entrainment, I create music that helps the listener achieve deeper states of meditation and altered consciousness. Listeners are able to reach meditive states that would otherwise take months, even years of practice to reach.

Free Brainwave Entrainment

As of this moment, I have 4 products available in my shop and they are all FREE! More music will be available to purchase in the near future but for now, why don’t you try out some of my music to see whether you like it or not?

Remember to bookmark my shop, as I have more free music to add. I will be adding free music to my shop on a regular basis, as well as premium music.