Contemplation Music: Piano In The Storm

Piano in the Storm Album Cover

A lot of my music consists of ambient piano with background rain & storm sounds. That’s because I am a sucker for it. Unfortunately, living in Adelaide, we don’t get much rain (some would say that’s a good thing, I guess) and the little rain we do get doesn’t last for very long so opportunities to sit by the windowsill in a melancholy fashion, watching the rain while slow, piano music plays quietly in the background are few and far between.

Piano in the Storm is one of my most recent ambient music tracks. No brianwave entrainment, no subliminals. Just 60 minutes of ambient music for relaxation, introspection & contemplation.

Despite not containing any brainwave entrainment or subliminal suggestions, Piano in the Storm was composed with the intention of bring your mind to a Alpha mind-state where the conscious mind takes a step back and allows the creative genius of the subconscious mind come to the surface.

Piano in the Storm was made specifically for daydreaming. The kind of daydreaming where you lose track of your thoughts and drift into a state where you are not really thinking at all. When this happens, I call it a “mind holiday” because we are thinking all the time and when we slip into these light trances (they usually don’t last long) we are giving our mind a rest from all the thoughts and mind-chatter.

When we take a break from the usual mind-chatter, our most innovative ideas and solutions start to pop up in our minds. The information was always there, but it was hidden behind all the thoughts and mind-chatter. By giving your conscious mind a rest, you are allowing all that creativity that is buried within your subconscious, rise to the surface.

Piano in the Storm Album Cover

For those of you wondering, the image on the album cover for this track is the corner of Currie Street and King William Street, Adelaide CBD. I took the photo one night on my way home from work. It was a rainy night (one of the few) in the middle of winter and I was waiting at a bus stop in the city for my connecting bus. It was cold and wet, but the night had a real cozy and peaceful atmosphere to it. I have always loved this photo and Piano in the Storm reminds me of the peaceful, cozy atmosphere that I experienced that night.

I have more ambient music to come, as well as brainwave entrainment, subliminals and my new, adult subliminals for bedroom confidence, seduction, attraction and more. I will be posting those soon.


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