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Defining the Law of Attraction

In an attempt to understand the law of attraction you need to really define what it means. The easiest way, I think, to define it is this. Whatever you think about will become attracted to you.

For example if you start to think about having more money, you will suddenly start finding more money. This might be as a tax refund, a birthday gift or you may find that you hid money and had forgotten about it.

Another example is of a pregnant women. As soon as she knows she is pregnant then she starts noticing other pregnant women and baby items. Whereas before she never noticed them.

This is because your mind is focusing on the process of being pregnant so anything related to this is more noticeable. The same applies when you suddenly decide you want a sports car. All you see everywhere are sports cars!

Some people argue that if you apply the principles of the law of attraction you could then sit around, do nothing, and have good things befall you. Well this isn’t true if you understand the process correctly.

If your goal or desire is to make lots of money, sitting around doing nothing isn’t going to help. Instead you have to start working on changing things in your life so that you can reach your goal.

The law of attraction does say that you have to take action in order to receive your desire. Your aim is to start attracting what you desire, think about how you can do this.

To attract weight loss you would need to start exercising and eating correctly. To attract love you need to start going out and meeting people.

If you take no actions, nothing is going to happen. You won’t lose weight if you eat the same foods and never exercise.

When things don’t change it is not because the law of attraction is not working. It is because you haven’t taken enough actions. This includes believing that you can truly achieve your hopes and desires.

You need to understand the basic principle of taking action results in actions. While things may happen to you down the road, a relative my leave you an inheritance, are you willing to sit around and wait for this to happen? Most people would say no. So start today by being prepared to take actions in order to gain a new life.

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