Energy Fields Of The Human Body | How To Clear Energy Blocks

The odds are better than average that you shower or take a bath every day. You regularly clean up around your home because physical clutter can become distracting and unsafe, and if you make an attractive environment for germs, you are asking for problems.

Do you have a pet? Dog owners must regularly bathe their canine companions to keep fleas from becoming a problem for everyone, Fido included. Cats generally take care of cleaning themselves, seemingly spending most of the day doing just that. If you have kids, especially young children, you are constantly on them about brushing, bathing, other aspects of personal grooming, and cleaning their rooms.

If you have ever been in a toxic relationship, you understand that cleansing yourself of emotional vampires and others that cause you mental distress is essential for you to live your best possible life. In so many aspects of your life, you need to frequently cleanse, clear and clean.

The same is true regarding your energy fields.

What are Energy Fields of the Human Body?

Texts found in a Ma-Wang-Dui burial tomb in China speak of energy meridians. There is an ancient Asian belief that all life force energy flows through your body in specific channels, or meridians. The practice of acupuncture concerns the placement of small needles in the body to release negative energy and blockages that keep these meridians from flowing freely. The practice of acupuncture can be traced back to 6,000 BCE.

Reiki is an alternative healing practice that works to clear blocked energy channels. The practice can be used on people or animals. The goal is to allow for natural energy to move freely throughout the body, and when this happens, sickness, illness and disease can be prevented, treated and healed. Reiki is thought to be created by a Japanese physical therapist named Matiji Kawakami in 1914. This is not the only nature-based health practice which recognizes free-flowing corridors of energy as important for human health and well-being.

It is believed that using crystals and stones for healing goes back to the time of the Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Crystal healing, acupuncture and reiki are just three of many systems of natural healing that recognize specific pathways in the human body through which life force energy flows. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Reflexology and Chakra balancing are additional healing practices which work to keep your physical and non-physical energy superhighways flowing naturally. When these energy fields or meridians are clear and functioning properly, you benefit from emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

On the unfortunate flipside of the coin, when energy fields become backed up and blocked, any number of health problems can develop.

What Causes Energy Blocks and Why Do We Need to Clear Them?

The flow of your energy system dictates your health. Your aura and spiritual energy pathways can become blocked, even if you look and feel physically healthy. Your physical health may suffer while you enjoy free-flowing emotional and mental health. However, in most cases, your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energy “bodies” are all connected, and health, fulfillment and vitality are not compartmentalized.

This means it is essential to clear up blockages that are limiting the energy flow in your physical body and through nonphysical, subtle energy systems for you to achieve your best, health, well-being and realization of your fullest potential.

A simple fender bender in the middle of a crowded highway can block traffic for miles and make you late for work. If some hurdle appears along the way to your team’s completion of an important work project, productivity, morale and company profits can suffer. If the flow of blood is restricted to a body part or limb for a significant period of time multiple health problems can develop, and in extreme cases the limb or appendage may have to be amputated.

These are simple, real-world examples of problems that can arise from the blockage of naturally flowing processes. Repairing and rebalancing your life force energy systems is important, so you can avoid physical and mental disease, sickness and injury. It is additionally essential, so you can attain emotional and spiritual control and enlightenment.

Energy healing works to let your body and spirit do what they naturally do when you get out of the way … they prevent disease and illness and help you recover from any type of sickness or injury quickly, while allowing you to realize your unique purpose and individuality.

What causes your energy fields to become blocked? If you suffer from physical stress or constantly deal with mental anxiety at work, your energy pathways may not flow as freely as they should. Environmental issues, unhealthy belief systems, disease, illness and poor lifestyle habits can additionally hamper your life force energy. To attain and maintain health and vitality in every area of your life, use the following 16 tips to clear your energy systems so you benefit from free-flowing life force energy.

16 Tips for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energy Fields

1. Declutter your environment. Physical clutter may not seem like much of a distraction. However, your vision works by constantly responding to anything it sees, whether you are focusing on a particular object or not. This means a messy, cluttered environment limits your ability to focus and unconsciously drains your mental energy and thought processes. Simplify and minimize the number of “things” you have in your life.

2. Develop more structure. Physical and metaphysical energies need to constantly flow to keep you healthy and connected to the universe. This happens when there is structure in your life. Automated processes and step-by-step systems minimize the amount of physical and mental stress that can negatively impact your energy flow.

3. Schedule an acupuncture session. Healing systems that last thousands of years and generally do so because they work. Acupuncture, which used to be poo-pooed by modern medicine as faulty science, has now been proven to deliver very real physical, mental and emotional health rewards. If you schedule an acupuncture session or sessions, be sure to work only with a licensed and certified, reputable healer.

4. Understand that energy cleansing is an ongoing process. This is not a one-and-done operation. You interact with so many people and environments each and every day that you are bound to clog up the natural flow of your energy pathways on a daily basis. You will have to develop your own energy clearing schedule, incorporating the tips on this list regularly to achieve overall wellness.

5. Take a bath. Seriously, bathing, showering or otherwise cleansing your physical body is important for your health. Your skin is the first layer of defense of your immunity system. How many times have you felt mentally and emotionally tired or lazy, taken a piping hot shower, and emerged refreshed and full of energy? This is because your physical and metaphysical entities are intimately connected. You can give your overall energy systems a boost by simply washing your body.

6. Meditate regularly. Meditation is an age-old stress-relief practice. Those who regularly meditate enjoy longer, healthier lives, less mental and emotional stress, a truer connection to the universe and a greater appreciation of the lives they lead. Meditation has been proven scientifically to support physical and emotional health, and if you establish a regular meditation practice, you are less likely to suffer neurological problems like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Meditation only takes a few minutes in a quiet environment, and this simple health booster can positively impact the flow of your life force energy.

7. Use an energy cleansing system you believe in. If you don’t connect with the energy healing practice you are using, its effectiveness can be totally wiped out. This is because negative energy blocks positive energy. This is what energy healing is all about, removing blocked, negative energy channels and allowing them to flow naturally and positively. Try the different energy healing tips in this report, and frequently use those you can really connect with and believe.

8. Go for a walk. Preferably, you want to walk in a grassy field, a forest or near a lake or mountain. Minimize the presence of man-made structures. Studies show that in only 10 minutes, walking in the presence of nature significantly lowers stress and anxiety levels, as well as blood pressure. Make sure you “walk with intention”, clearing your mind and living in the moment, recognizing the “in the now” physical processes you are performing while you walk. You also want to recognize and appreciate any and all sensory input.

9. Take up yoga. The mountain and warrior poses are invigorating and cleansing. Join a yoga class or check out some videos on YouTube. You will find that particular poses seem to clear your mind and body and focus your intention. Practice them whenever you need to cleanse yourself of negative energy.

10. Get moving. Go dancing. Dust off your bicycle and go for a ride. Canoeing, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, working in the garden and cleaning your garage are simple ways to get your blood flowing and lungs pumping. Any kind of positive physical motion can be an energy clearing practice.

11. Take up reflexology. Look into Reiki, kinesiology, Thought Field Therapy or Crystal Healing. Learn to balance your chakras so that your life force energy, or Qi, can flow freely and influence your health and well-being. Take up an energy healing practice which makes sense to you and devote yourself to a regular adoption of learning and implementing that practice.

12. Put your sniffer to work. Aromatherapy quickly influences what your brain tells your body to do. This is because essential oils pass through the blood brain barrier rapidly, and certain aromas lend themselves towards certain mental, emotional and physical health influences. Some essential oils can additionally be applied topically, and in a few cases ingested for energy cleansing benefits.

13. Burn away negative energy. In some cultures, fire is used to clear negative energy. Write the negative energy you want to banish onto a piece of paper. Burn the paper, focusing intensely on feeling this blocking energy leaving your body. You may wish to bury the ashes or extinguish them with cleansing water, further dissipating your negative energy influence.

14. Laugh. Consciously take time to smile, no matter what type of mood you are in. Laughter is often called the best medicine. This is because countless studies have shown physiological changes happen in the human body when you laugh, and these changes are positive. It is difficult to feel negative energy when you are smiling. Try it right now. Smile and you instantly feel like smiling more. Smiling and laughter can positively influence your life force energy, which lead to physical and nonphysical health benefits.

15. Place sea salt in specific corners of your living area. Feng Shui is a Chinese system of placement which operates on the belief that the physical alignment of your objects, possessions and home can either block or freely allow energy to flow. Feng Shui practitioners place sea salt in the southwest and northeast corners of their homes to allow for the natural removal of negative energy, and the flow of positive energy.

16. Make better choices. You choose to impact your life force energy and health hundreds of times a day. Many of these choices are unconscious. However, many of them are consciously made. Avoid negative people. Limit your exposure to negative situations and environments. Open the windows in your home and let natural air into your environment. Don’t eat food you know is bad for you. Stay active. Drink lots of cleansing water. Work consciously to make better choices in everything you do, and your life force energy will benefit.

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