Full List of the 72 Angels of the Name

The 72 Angels of the Name are derived from the Shem HaMephorash, which is a hidden name of God in Kabbalistic and mystical Jewish traditions. The 72 angels are believed to be powerful divine beings that can be invoked for various purposes, such as guidance, protection, and assistance.

There are numerous ways you can call upon the 72 Angels of the Name, from Sigil work to lighting a candle and singing their names. I have tried so many different ways myself, and it’s always best to find a way that resonates with you but I have found that simply saying their name with focused intent and sincerity (a sincere heart is the most important -be sincere in what you are asking for) will capture their attention and get them listening. Keep in mind that Angels always act within Gods will.

Here’s a list of these angels, their names, pronunciations, powers, and situations they can help with:

  1. Vehuiah (Veh-oo-YAH) – Brings success, inspiration, and creativity. Helps with new beginnings.
  2. Jeliel (Jel-ee-EL) – Promotes harmony in relationships and reconciliation. Helps with conflicts.
  3. Sitael (See-TAH-el) – Offers protection, guidance, and strength. Helps with overcoming obstacles.
  4. Elemiah (El-eh-MEE-ah) – Enhances focus and the ability to make decisions. Helps with life choices.
  5. Mahasiah (Mah-HA-see-ah) – Promotes wisdom, learning, and spiritual growth. Helps with personal development.
  6. Lelahel (Le-LAH-hel) – Brings healing, health, and vitality. Helps with recovery from illness.
  7. Achaiah (Ah-KAH-yah) – Fosters patience, perseverance, and understanding. Helps with challenging situations.
  8. Cahetel (KAH-heh-tel) – Supports abundance, gratitude, and manifestation. Helps with prosperity.
  9. Haziel (HAH-zee-el) – Promotes forgiveness, mercy, and compassion. Helps with emotional healing.
  10. Aladiah (Al-ah-DEE-ah) – Protects against negative influences and energies. Helps with spiritual protection.
  11. Lauviah (Lau-vee-YAH) – Enhances intuition, dreams, and visions. Helps with spiritual insight.
  12. Hahaiah (Ha-HA-yah) – Brings comfort, peace, and serenity. Helps with emotional balance.
  13. Jezalel (Yeh-zah-LEL) – Fosters loyalty, faithfulness, and commitment. Helps with relationships.
  14. Mebahel (Meh-BAH-hel) – Promotes truth, justice, and fairness. Helps with legal matters.
  15. Hariel (HAH-ree-el) – Supports purification, cleansing, and spiritual growth. Helps with inner transformation.
  16. Hakamiah (Ha-kah-MEE-ah) – Enhances courage, protection, and victory. Helps with overcoming adversity.
  17. Lauviah (Lau-vee-YAH) – Inspires creativity, artistic expression, and beauty. Helps with artistic pursuits.
  18. Caliel (KAH-lee-el) – Strengthens determination, resilience, and integrity. Helps with maintaining values.
  19. Leuviah (Le-OO-vee-yah) – Enhances memory, intelligence, and learning. Helps with education.
  20. Pahaliah (Pa-HAH-lee-yah) – Supports spiritual awakening and moral growth. Helps with personal transformation.
  21. Nelchael (NEL-kah-el) – Promotes knowledge, understanding, and clarity. Helps with problem-solving.
  22. Yeiayel (Yay-ah-YEL) – Brings fame, fortune, and success. Helps with career and achievements.
  23. Melahel (Meh-LAH-hel) – Supports healing, health, and vitality. Helps with maintaining well-being.
  24. Haheuiah (Ha-HAY-oo-yah) – Offers protection, safety, and guidance. Helps with navigating life’s challenges.
  25. Nith-Haiah (NITH-ha-YAH) – Enhances spiritual wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Helps with deepening spiritual practice.
  26. Haaiah (Ha-AH-yah) – Promotes diplomacy, discretion, and strategy. Helps with conflict resolution.
  27. Yeratel (YEH-rah-tel) – Inspires positive change, transformation, and growth. Helps with personal evolution.
  28. Seheiah (Seh-HAY-yah) – Supports longevity, health, and protection. Helps with maintaining well-being.
  29. Reiyel (Ray-YEL) – Enhances spiritual connections, divine guidance, and inspiration. Helps with spiritual development.
  30. Omael (OH-may-el) – Fosters fertility, growth, and abundance. Helps with conception and nurturing projects.
  31. Lecabel (LEH-kah-bel) – Supports talents, skills, and problem-solving abilities. Helps with career and personal growth.
  32. Vasariah (Vah-sah-REE-ah) – Enhances mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. Helps with healing relationships.
  33. Yehuiah (Yeh-HEE-yah) – Offers protection, guidance, and strength. Helps with overcoming obstacles and adversaries.
  34. Lehahiah (Leh-HAH-yah) – Promotes loyalty, obedience, and respect. Helps with maintaining harmony.
  35. Chavakiah (Ha-VAH-kee-yah) – Enhances reconciliation, unity, and balance. Helps with resolving conflicts.
  36. Menadel (MEN-ah-del) – Supports work, career, and purpose. Helps with finding one’s true path.
  37. Aniel (AH-nee-el) – Promotes spiritual insight, truth, and clarity. Helps with personal growth and understanding.
  38. Haamiah (Ha-AH-mee-ah) – Offers protection, purification, and spiritual guidance. Helps with spiritual development.
  39. Rehael (REH-ha-el) – Supports healing, recovery, and vitality. Helps with physical and emotional well-being.
  40. Ieiazel (Yeh-ee-AH-zel) – Enhances creativity, inspiration, and artistic talents. Helps with artistic pursuits and expression.
  41. Hahahel (HAH-hah-hel) – Promotes spiritual devotion, guidance, and illumination. Helps with deepening faith.
  42. Mikael (MEE-kah-el) – Offers protection, courage, and victory. Helps with overcoming challenges and fears.
  43. Veuahiah (Vay-oo-AH-yah) – Enhances success, achievement, and recognition. Helps with realizing goals.
  44. Yelahiah (Yel-ah-HEE-yah) – Promotes courage, strength, and justice. Helps with personal growth and empowerment.
  45. Sealiah (Seh-ah-LEE-yah) – Supports inner transformation, growth, and balance. Helps with personal development.
  46. Ariel (AH-ree-el) – Enhances intuition, spiritual visions, and psychic abilities. Helps with spiritual growth and insight.
  47. Asaliah (Ah-sah-LEE-yah) – Promotes truth, wisdom, and understanding. Helps with gaining clarity and knowledge.
  48. Mihael (MEE-ha-el) – Fosters love, unity, and harmony in relationships. Helps with maintaining strong bonds.
  49. Vehuel (VEH-hoo-el) – Inspires gratitude, humility, and praise. Helps with spiritual growth and devotion.
  50. Daniel (DAH-nee-el) – Enhances eloquence, communication, and diplomacy. Helps with interpersonal skills
  51. Hahasiah (Ha-HA-see-yah) – Promotes wisdom, understanding, and spiritual growth. Helps with personal development and enlightenment.
  52. Imamiah (Im-ah-MEE-yah) – Supports personal transformation, strength, and resilience. Helps with overcoming challenges and adversity.
  53. Nanael (NAH-nah-el) – Enhances spiritual knowledge, learning, and wisdom. Helps with deepening spiritual practice and understanding.
  54. Nithael (NITH-ah-el) – Promotes self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth. Helps with personal growth and self-love.
  55. Mebahiah (Meh-BAH-yah) – Enhances intelligence, understanding, and knowledge. Helps with intellectual pursuits and problem-solving.
  56. Poiel (POY-el) – Brings luck, success, and achievement. Helps with realizing dreams and aspirations.
  57. Nemamiah (Nem-ah-MEE-yah) – Supports leadership, strategy, and decision-making. Helps with career advancement and personal growth.
  58. Yeialel (Yeh-ee-AH-lel) – Enhances clarity, focus, and determination. Helps with staying on track and achieving goals.
  59. Harahel (HAH-rah-hel) – Promotes knowledge, learning, and intellectual growth. Helps with education and personal development.
  60. Mizrael (MIZ-rah-el) – Supports healing, forgiveness, and self-transformation. Helps with emotional and personal growth.
  61. Umabel (OO-mah-bel) – Enhances friendship, connection, and understanding. Helps with building and maintaining relationships.
  62. Iahhel (Yah-HAY-el) – Promotes spiritual awakening, inner peace, and meditation. Helps with deepening spiritual practice.
  63. Anauel (Ah-NAH-oo-el) – Supports prosperity, abundance, and success. Helps with manifesting desires and achieving goals.
  64. Mehiel (Meh-HEE-el) – Enhances inspiration, creativity, and artistic talents. Helps with self-expression and artistic pursuits.
  65. Damabiah (Dah-mah-BEE-yah) – Offers protection, guidance, and support. Helps with navigating life’s challenges and uncertainties.
  66. Manakel (MAH-nah-kel) – Promotes understanding, compassion, and empathy. Helps with emotional growth and healing.
  67. Eyael (Eh-YAH-el) – Enhances beauty, harmony, and inspiration. Helps with creativity and personal growth.
  68. Habuhiah (Ha-boo-HEE-yah) – Supports healing, health, and well-being. Helps with maintaining physical and emotional balance.
  69. Rochel (ROH-kel) – Enhances the ability to find lost objects and uncover hidden truths. Helps with problem-solving and intuition.
  70. Jabamiah (Jah-bah-MEE-yah) – Promotes spiritual alchemy, transformation, and growth. Helps with personal development and evolution.
  71. Haiaiel (HAY-yah-el) – Offers protection, courage, and strength. Helps with overcoming fears and obstacles.
  72. Mumiah (Moo-MEE-yah) – Supports endings, closure, and rebirth. Helps with transitions and new beginnings..