Language of the Subconscious Mind: Houses

Dreams of houses, both familiar houses and unfamiliar ones, are very common. Dream researchers and dream interpreters generally understand the various rooms dreamt about to have individual meanings. For instance, climbing to the attic might signal a yearning for spiritual growth, while a trip to the basement may mean you are searching for something you have forgotten.

This post examines each room that may be encountered in a “dream house”, and examines what each room may mean. Of course everyone’s dreams are unique, and the meaning of a single room can and does change from person to person.

The Attic

Dreams about the attic often provide clues to the higher self, or to your spiritual development. In particular, dreams in which the dreamer climbs up to the attic can symbolize a yearning for spiritual or religious growth.

The Bathroom

Entering the bathroom in a dream often signals a need for cleansing, or the need for a fresh start. A dream bathroom can be a signal that something in your life needs to be changed.

The Kitchen

Entering the kitchen in a dream can signal a need for nourishment of the spirit or the soul. The dream kitchen can symbolize a need for additional spiritual pursuits, or for a spiritual renewal.

The exact meaning of the kitchen in a dream can depend on the state of that kitchen. While a well stocked, bountiful pantry can indicate that your life is complete and that you have all you need, while a bare kitchen can indicate that your soul or spirit needs additional nourishment.

The Dining Room

Dreams about the dining room, like those about the kitchen, indicate a need for spiritual nourishment, but dreams of the dining room, or dreams of eating, indicate a more immediate need than do dreams of kitchens.

The Living Room

The living room in a dream can be seen as a symbol of normal daily life, or of interactions with others in your life. Dreams with lots of people, whether they are family members, friends or strangers, often take place in the living room of a dream house.

The Bedroom

The meaning of a dream bedroom can vary depending on the nature of the room in the dream. Dreams of bedrooms can express repressed sexuality, or a need for rest, depending on the situation.

The Upstairs

Climbing the stairs of your dream house can symbolize a search for your higher self, or a struggle for spiritual meaning. The upper floors of the house is where the religious and spiritual learning takes place.

The Downstairs

The downstairs of a house, and particularly the basement, can symbolize the subconscious mind and also hidden or repressed desires. Disturbing dreams featuring frightening basements are often an attempt to come to terms with disturbing aspects of your psyche.

The Ground Floor

The ground floor of the house can be seen as a symbol of what is currently happening in your life. The ground floor is often a representation of the daily life, or the mundane and everyday events in life.

Visits to Old, Familiar Houses

Visits to old and familiar houses, or to the house you grew up in, can represent a longing to return to a happier time. Dreams of childhood homes or familiar houses often take place when people are going through transitional times. Dreams of childhood homes can also be triggered by events in real life, such as a school reunion or an unexpected meeting with a childhood pal.

The Hallway

A hallway encountered in a dream can be a symbol for the need to journey to a new place in life. It can also symbolize a need to explore issues you have kept hidden away.

The Porch

A porch can often be a symbol of not knowing what to do, or of being unsure about an important decision.

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