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Manifestation Method: Keeping A Manifestation Journal

Everyone who has an interest in manifestation and the Law of Attraction has heard of vision boards, but have you ever considered keeping a manifestation journal?

In my last blog post, I talked about how you can change a certain aspect of your life in 21 days, just by repeating an affirmation a few times a day. In this post, I am going to show you a method of manifestation that is easy to follow and has worked for not only myself, but for many others too.

Writing Down Your Goals As Affirmations

With this manifestation method, you will be writing your goals down as affirmations. Get yourself a cheap notebook (or an elaborate one) and dedicate it to being your manifestation journal.

Now choose a goal that you wish to accomplish. In the beginning, you are going to choose a goal that is realistic and easily achievable. Don’t worry, with more practice you can start choosing harder to attain goals, to bring into manifestation but for now you are going to choose something that is easily attainable.

Now you are to write down your goal as an affirmation. Write it down in the present tense, for example “I am grateful for all the things that I have” or “I always come up with interesting and creative, new ideas” or “I feel confident within myself and always feel comfortable in social situations”

Repeat your affirmation as many times as you feel comfortable with. Write it down, over and over again. If your affirmation is to attain something material, such as a house or car, then dedicate a page in your manifestation journal to describing that house of car. Describe it in present tense, as if you own it now.

Do this every single day for 21 days. Set aside some time, preferably before you go to bed, to write down your affirmation in your manifestation journal. Write down your affirmation repeatedly, allow it to really sink into your mind.

**Note that a larger goal such as buying your dream home will most likely take longer than 21 days to manifest. However, 21 days is all it takes to change your thought patterns and get the ball rolling.

Another idea is to write a short paragraph about your day. As the days go on, you may notice some small changes in how you perceive yourself and others. You may even notice some small, positive changes that lead you closer to your goal. Write these down in your manifestation journal. This will allow you to look back on your progress and see how your goal manifested.

Keep It Up For 21 Days

It takes 21 days to change your thought patterns and create a new habit. By setting aside some time each night to repeatedly write down your goal as an affirmation, and keeping it up for 21 days, you will find yourself making unconscious decisions that will lead you closer to your goal. Soon enough, your goal will have manifested and it will seem like it happened effortlessly.

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