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Welcome to Celestial Spirit! Since this is around the 7th time that I have started-over with this blog, I feel that the right thing to do would be to properly introduce myself.

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My name is Jenna, I am a mother to a beautiful little boy and live in the lovely city of Adelaide, South Australia. I am a Yoga instructor, holistic therapist and a very, very serious meditation enthusiast.

I run a small YouTube channel where I share my meditation, brainwave entrainment and subliminal music. I don’t upload music very often as I always test my music before sharing it, and that can take some time.

Another thing about me, I am an dedicated yoga pants wearer. I just find them so comfortable and supportive. Of course, there are very rare occasions where I like to wear something more formal than yoga pants but most of the time, you will find me either dressed up or dressed down in yoga pants.

Because of this, I started designing my own yoga pants in different prints and styles. Take a look at the shop to see the latest prints.

Stay tuned for free yoga classes, meditation downloads and more. The shop is already stocked with free meditation, brainwave entrainment and subliminal music so download away! It’s free!

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/jennanewbery

So this is where people usually sign-off with something positive, such as “Namaste” however, that is not new-age, fairy-woo-woo enough for me. I’m quite out-there, and would prefer to sign off with something a little more loony but right now I can’t think of anything so…


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