Morning Energizer Yoga Sequence With 528hz Meditation Music

Morning Energizer Yoga Sequence

I created this quick yoga morning routine to be done when you first get out of bed. This routine works the shoulders and arms, legs, back and neck, opens the hips and heart, as well as giving you a burst of energy. It’s a great routine for beginners and you don’t even need a yoga mat for this routine, you can do it the moment you step out of bed.

This Morning Energizer sequence contains 10 poses and can be done in roughly 10-15 minutes but you can adjust the time to suit you. If you have the time, I suggest ending the session with a few minutes of breathing meditation.

I have also created a 60 minute Heart Opener meditation, specifically to go with this sequence. The music goes for 60 minutes because some people might choose to extend the time they spend doing each posture, or spend some time in meditation afterwards. However, you do not have to spend 60 minutes doing this Morning Energizer routine, that would be too intense and might make you tired instead of giving you a burst of energy. Your arms will certainly be very sore!

You can download a printable pdf version of this yoga sequence from the link below.

528hz Yoga Music

Below is the 528hz Heart Opener meditation music. It uses the Solfeggio frequency 528hz along with ambient music and distant birds singing in the background, to energize the body and balance the heart chakra. Listen to it while you do your Morning Energizer yoga routine, while you do your morning meditation or while you get ready for the day. It’s a wonderful track to listen to in the mornings that will keep you in a positive mood throughout the entire day!

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