Nights at the Piano: A Playlist For Saturday Nights At Home

Nights at the Piano Album Cover

Since my last post, where I talked about how here in Adelaide we don’t get many rainy days, it has been raining a lot. Thunderstorms and all, and it is in the middle of summer!

Despite my son being an energetic toddler who wants to play outside all the time, he has been reasonably happy playing indoors with his keyboard and electronic drums (so I can turn the volume down) while I have been contributing to my pile of melancholic, rainy day piano music.

Here is a slightly amusing story… I uploaded a bunch of tracks to my “Nights at the Piano” playlist last night, with the intention of editing the playlist and publishing it publicly today. Because of this, none of the tracks were titled. They were just numbered.

So I saved the playlist but accidentally saved it as public without editing the titles or tags etc. When I woke up this morning, my notifications blew up. Quite a few people saw the untitled, unedited songs on the playlist. Good news is, they seemed to enjoy the music! So I am just going to leave the titles as-is, as changing them will mess up the links and all that.

Nights at the Piano Album Cover

So the playlist contains 20 soft, jazzy piano music. No background rain sounds in this playlist, just smooth piano music with a warm, cozy feel.

Hope you enjoy it!

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