Taking Online Yoga Classes During The Pandemic

Taking Online Yoga Classes During The Pandemic

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One of the last places you want to be during a pandemic is in a gym, where you are crammed in a room full of strangers who are sweating, breathing hard and sharing bathrooms. For some parts of the world, seeing your yoga instructor or personal trainer one on one, is still a huge risk. So people are turning to online yoga instead, and there are a lot of free and premium options available.

Thankfully my state (South Australia) has been Covid-19 free for a little while now but since the eastern states are experiencing their second wave of the pandemic, everyone is being cautious.


Many yoga teachers and personal trainers (as well as many other people) are realizing that the current Covid-19 pandemic is going to change the way that we do things, for quite some time. We don’t know when this is going to end, so instead of waiting it out indefinitely, we are adapting. Our classes and training sessions are moving online.

Free And Premium Online Yoga Lessons

The awesome thing about the internet is the amount of free tutorials and lessons that you can find online. Youtube is packed full of free yoga lessons from professional yoga teachers, you can find free yoga music and playlists, themed yoga sequences etc.

There is so much amazing stuff available for free that you can start learning yoga with absolutely no budget at all.

Of course, if you are looking for something more challenging, or looking for a specific program to target a problem area, then premium online yoga classes and programs are an affordable and Covid-19 safe option.

Another alternative is having a live video call/conference with a personal trainer. This is a more pricey option, and online meetings with a yoga instructor is not the same experience as in-person meetings but you still have the personalized guidance of a professional trainer and sessions that are tailor-made for you.

Online Yoga Classes vs In-Person Training

As I mentioned, you will never get the same experience from online classes as you would get from in-person training but premium online yoga classes start from as little as $10 per month and you get access to a huge library that includes all kinds of classes, from beginner to advanced.

YogaDownload.com gives you access to some of the worlds top yoga instructors, as well as a massive library full of yoga classes. I am a member myself and am impressed with the huge range of themed classes, live streams, challenges and programs.

Whatever your focus or objective is, you will have no problems a video class or program. From beginner classes and warm-ups to therapeutic classes to target specific areas, and advanced, more challenging classes.

Here is is a short example of Eric Paskel’s It’s Juicy Yoga Class.

Below is Caitlin Rose Kenney's video, Midday Reset.

Here is Grin & Barre It, by Erin Wimert.

And here is a sample of Ben Davis's Work and Flow.

Those are just a few examples of the video classes that are available, but YogaDownload.com also has an extensive range of specialty programs, such as 14 day challenges and targeted programs for weight-loss, total fitness, Pilates-Yoga infusions, programs that focus on specific areas etc.

YogaDownload.com is an amazing and affordable resource for premium yoga classes from some of the worlds best yoga instructors.

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