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    Whatever You Feel You Receive

    Have you ever noticed that no matter what, you always receive something that correlates to the way you feel? If your day starts off on the wrong foot and you are angry, by the end of the day you just feel even worse. This reaction is the power of the law of attraction. If you want to incorporate the law of attraction into your life, then you need to learn how to control your feelings. Think back, for a minute, and think about how you used to throw temper tantrums when you were a child. Why? Because this was your way of getting what you wanted, or for getting out…

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    Don’t Make These Common Vision Board Mistakes!

    Ready to get started on your vision board to create a new you? Before you do, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with some of the most common vision board mistakes. There are quite a lot of mistakes you can make when creating a vision board to transform your life. So, if you want to boost your chances of success, below you’ll discover some of the most common new you vision board mistakes to avoid. Don’t Fall For Advertisements A large part of designing vision boards no matter what the goal, is finding images you can include onto it. These are typically found in magazines. The trouble is, when you’re trying to…

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    Goal Setting and the Law of Attraction

    As you know the law of attraction is based upon the powers of the universe. What some people are questioning is if the simple act of setting goals is enough to set the same principles into action? The moment you start setting goals you automatically begin to focus on certain aspects. This would be all the details that you must put into place in order to meet your goal. You also start to think about your goal more often and in a positive light. You don’t consider not meeting your target at all. Instead you honestly know that you can meet your goal and do everything in your power to…

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    Creating the New You One Goal at a Time

    Vision boards are a great way to transform all aspects of your life. However, if you want to ensure they deliver the best results, it’s important to focus on one goal at a time. General “life goal” vision boards are great at establishing what you want from life in the long term. However, when it comes to creating a whole new you, it’s most beneficial to create a vision board for each goal you want to achieve. Here, you’ll discover why it’s important to focus on just one goal at a time. The Power Of Focusing On One Goal Even if there’s quite a few goals you need to work…

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    Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? You Are Amazing! Here’s Why…

    You notice absolutely everything. The odd smell, the way the sunlight hits the water, the emotions of the person you’re with, and a million other thoughts vie for your attention. You’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and you are absolutely amazing. You might not feel that way. If you’re one of the 15 – 20% of the population to experience this kind of awareness, you’ve probably been called a few names. The world can be harsh with people who seem ‘oversensitive’ and react accordingly. You might have been told to ‘toughen up’ or ‘not let things get to you.’ Chances are, your intuition has even been called into question, with…

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    Simple Way to Activate the Law of Attraction

    Are you finding it difficult to get the power of the law of attraction to work for you? Maybe you want to help change the environment, but no matter how hard to try the environment just doesn’t change. You push your thoughts onto others and only get negative vibes back. This is exactly NOT what to do. What you need to remember is that you cannot change those things or people who surround you. The law of attraction will work on you, not on others. You just can’t wish something for another person and have them change overnight. But, all is not lost. There is one simple thing you can…

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    5 Ways Vision Boards Can Help You to Transform into a New You

    Transforming any area of your life isn’t always easy. Although you may start out with high levels of motivation, it’s easy to lose it along the way. Vision boards help you to keep sight of your goals, increasing your chances of achieving them. While I have always kept a “Manifestation Journal” for writing down my intentions, affirmations etc. having a vision board filled with pictures, intentions and positive words, in a place where you can see it everyday is a great way to strengthen and speed up your manifestations. Here, we’ll look at just 5 ways vision boards can help you to transform into the new you. 1. They Help…

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    What Can You Expect from the Law of Attraction

    As you know the law of attraction is all about using your thoughts to get those things in life you really desire. But what types of things can you expect to receive in return? You have no doubt heard about people who suddenly receive a windfall of cash, or wonderful things start to happen to them. This is all due to the law of attraction. When you think in a positive way good things will befall you. On the opposite side if you always think about things negatively, then it will always feel as though bad things will happen to you. These “things” have all kinds of disguises including cash,…

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    Understanding The Law Of Attraction

    You may have heard of the term ‘law of attraction’ but you do really understand what this means? Let me try to explain in more detail for you. The law of attraction is based up the thought patterns and beliefs such as like-minded people attract other like-minded people. This is based upon both positive and negative ways of thinking. It is primarily based around your own thoughts. Have you ever noticed that when you are with a group of cheerful people that you immediately start to feel the same way? Yet when you are with people who are complaining or feel down these feels spillover onto you? This is the…

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    What is Energy Healing?

    A process by which you “recharge your batteries” energy healing is an alternative medicine practice which has been around for thousands of years. You use the natural energy that exists in your body and the universe for specific health rewards. Not only can improving your energy flow impact your physical health, but it can also lead to metaphysical benefits like improved spirituality and a more complete emotional existence. Energy healing works because you are a natural energy creator. Everything in the universe is energy. Energy is everywhere, and everything in your environment works to either improve or negatively impact your life force energy. We know this to be true because…