60 Minute Reiki Infused Audio Session | Rain and Distant Storm Soundscape


60 Minutes of Rain Reiki Infused soundscape MP3

Soothing sounds of rain and distant thunder relax your mind while the Reiki energy works its way through your body and energetic field, clearing out any stagnant energy and revitalizing your energetic field to aid the body’s natural healing process.


What You Get:

A Reiki infused MP3

How To Prepare For Your Session:

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours before listening to this Reiki infused audio session.

Wait until a time where you can remain undisturbed for the entire length of the session. It’s important that you do not listen to this music while driving or doing something that requires your total awareness. Make sure you are wearing comfortable loose clothing and have drinkable water nearby. Choose ambient lighting and find a comfortable place to lay or sit. I recommend that you use stereo headphones to listen to this audio but it’s not essential. Set the intention that you are open to receiving the Reiki sent through the music and play the audio.

It is ok if you fall asleep while listening to this audio as it is very long and blissfully relaxing. An idea time to listen to this audio is before going to sleep, so don’t worry about falling asleep during your session. However, it is beneficial to stay awake and notice any feelings or sensations that arise during the session.

Drink water when needed, and if you feel emotional at any time during your session just let the emotions flow and drink plenty of water.

It is ok to read or do another relaxing activity while listening to these audios.

After The Session:

Don’t get up too fast, take as much time as you need. Drink plenty of water and make sure you stay well hydrated over the next few days. If you feel light-headed or spaced-out, have something light to eat.

If you feel emotional over the following days, it means old, stagnant energy has been loosened and is now releasing from your body and energy field. Be kind to yourself during this time, and continue to drink plenty of water as it helps the energy move and also flushes out any stress-related hormones that are produced in the emotional state.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your Reiki session.


Reiki is a complementary and holistic energy healing technique. While it can enhance overall well-being and promote relaxation, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a health concern, please consult with your healthcare provider.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, I am here to support you on your path to balance and harmony. Reiki works in harmony with other forms of therapy and is not intended to replace any current medical or psychological treatment.

During our sessions, it’s important to remember that healing is a collaborative process. Your openness to receive and your willingness to actively participate in your well-being are key elements.

While many people experience positive shifts and transformations through Reiki, individual results may vary. It’s recommended to approach Reiki with an open heart, curiosity, and a commitment to your own healing journey.

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