Reignite Your Excitement For Life

Excitement For Life Free Meditation Pack

Are you feeling unmotivated, unenthusiastic about life, or as if you are stuck in a rut? Everyone has these moments from time to time and all we need is a small boost to kickstart our momentum again.

Using colour healing therapy, I have created this meditation specifically to revitalize your enthusiasm for life.

I have created a package that includes everything you need for this meditation and I am giving it away for free! Everything in this package is digital download only, you wont receive any physical items. The package includes:

    • Ebook: Colour Healing Meditation Guide | Excitement For Life
    • High Resolution Mandala Desktop Wallpaper
    • High Resolution Phone Wallpaper
    • High Resolution Printable Mandala Image (A4 Size)
    • 20 Minute Root Chakra Binaural Beats mp3
    • 5 Root Chakra Affirmation Guidance Cards (Download & Print). These cards are part of a collection that I will be releasing with each future meditation package. Collect them, print them out and build your own affirmation guidance deck.

Reignite Your Excitement For Life Root Chakra Meditation CD cover graphic
Colour Healing Meditation Ebook Cover

Try Out The Affirmation Cards Below

Click on the cards, or arrow icon below, to flip them and read the affirmation. Use the shuffle icon below to shuffle the cards and get new affirmations.

Download Free Today!

Just subscribe to the newsletter using the form below, and your download link will be emailed to you. Your download contains a .zip file that includes everything listed above. You will need a program like 7zip to unzip the folder to access the contents, which can be downloaded for free here: