Reiki Infused Music

How Does Reiki Infused Music Work?

Reiki energy can be infused into objects, images and music. Music is my favorite method for delivering reiki, as the music itself enhances the reiki energy but it also holds the reiki energy really well.

When I create a piece of music that has been infused with reiki, I treat the entire creation process, from start to finish, as a full reiki session. Before even beginning to create the music, I clear and ground myself and the energy around my workspace. I then set my intentions for the session and for everyone’s highest good. I go into a light trance and if I am creating a reiki music session for someone in particular I will connect with their energy, otherwise I open up my heart to the collective. Symbols, crystals, essential oils and incense are all used just like any other reiki session.

I then start the music creation process while continuing to be a channel for reiki, choosing sounds and frequencies that align with the sessions purpose. I continue to channel reiki through the rendering process, and even when I am uploading it to whatever filehost I am using. I even “refresh” the files that have been uploaded with reiki when needed.

When the recipient listens to the audio, the reiki is channeled through the music and throughout their energetic body and the space around them, if played through speakers. The reiki then flows to where it is needed the most, clearing away any energetic blockages and healing fractures in our energy fields.

The Difference Between Reiki Infused Music and a Distance Reiki Session

There is a difference between Reiki infused music sessions and traditional reiki distance sessions. There are benefits and disadvantages for both, and are suitable for different situations.

Distance Healing and In-Person Reiki

When I conduct a distance reiki session, or an in-person reiki session, I first scan the recipient’s energy and pay attention to any particular areas that might feel “heavy” or “stuck” I also have visions and messages that sometimes appear to me when I do this energy scan. I scan the energy centers or chakras, and the aura and pay attention to any areas that might need extra work.

When I am sending Reiki energy to the recipient 1 on 1, I am able to sense their energetic body and how it responds to the Reiki energy. Reiki energy will flow to where it needs to go, but if I notice an area that needs work, I will directly focus reiki to that area and allow the Reiki to flow where it needs to.

Sometimes during a Reiki 1 on 1 session, not all blockages are removed. This is something I can explain to a recipient to a recipient in a 1 on 1 session, as well as an after-care plan and answer their questions. In a regular Reiki or distance healing session, I will give the recipient a report of their session that explains what I sensed, felt or saw during their session with me and advice to help prolong the benefits of their reiki experience.

Reiki Infused Music Sessions

With Reiki infused music sessions, you can experience reiki anytime you need it. It’s like having Reiki on-demand and you can listen to it multiple times and still experience the Reiki. The downside to Reiki infused music sessions is that it’s not as interactive or responsive to your energetic field.

Reiki infused music sessions can be compared to group Reiki sessions where Reiki is sent to a larger group of people. The effects are still powerful but you won’t get the full benefits of having a reiki practitioner work with you 1 on 1, who can sense and respond to your energy field as you receive the Reiki.

If you are wanting to send Reiki to clear and energize your home of business, Reiki infused music sessions are excellent at doing that. Just play the music through speakers in the space you want to clear and infuse with Reiki. Its also great for children and animals and is a non-intrusive way for them to receive Reiki.

Listen To Reiki Infused Music

Below are some short Reiki Infused music audios that I have specifically created to be shared with many people. Before you listen to these audios, make sure that you are in a place where you can relax and remain undisturbed. These are best listened to with stereo headphones. However if you want to clear the space around you, you can play them with speakers.

When you listen to these audios, be open to receiving the Reiki. Say either out loud or in your mind “I am open to receiving the Reiki energy sent by Jenna through this music” -you don’t have to say this but it can help.

It is best to get comfortable, close your eyes and pay attention to any feelings or sensations while you listen to Reiki Infused music but it’s not necessary. You can read a book or do some light housework and still receive the Reiki. However you wont get the full experience if you do this.

Don’t ever listen to this music while driving, operating any sort of heavy machinery or doing something that needs your complete awareness.

Conscious Whispers

This is a dreamy ambient mind-journey that has been infused with Reiki energy with the intention of supporting the physical and energetic bodies rest, repair and rejuvenate.

Milky Way Galaxy wallpaper

Ethereal Ocean Waves

Ocean waves crash upon the sand as the Harp plays quietly and voices of the ocean heard in the distance. This audio uses bilateral sound to help relax the listener. The intention for this Reiki session was for general energetic support for the recipients highest good.

an aerial view of a beach with people walking on it

Rain and Distant Storm

Soothing rain and the sounds of a distant storm relax and refresh your mind while Solfeggio frequencies support the Reiki energy. The intention for this Reiki session was for general energetic support for the recipients highest good.

grayscale photography of raindrops