Synchronicity Ultra Subliminal. Experience The Magick Of Synchronicity!

Synchronicity Ultra Subliminal

If you are familiar with magick and manifestation, you probably have heard the word synchronicity and noticed that people get really excited talking about it. Synchronicities are a bit like coincidences… Except they’re not.

Synchronicities happen when you are in alignment with your higher-self. They happen to everyone, but some much more than others. Often they are passed off as “happy coincidences” but really there is actually a little bit of “magick” going on there that most people aren’t aware of.

Synchronicities can be as small as seeing repeating numbers, or as significant as taking a wrong turn and ending up in a place where you meet the love of your life.

Have you ever been running late for work and was sure that you weren’t going to make it on time, only to manage to avoid traffic and catch every green light on the way, allowing you to get to work a few minutes early?

That’s synchronicity at work. Every little “coincidence” happens to work in your favor.

The thing is, it’s not coincidence. YOU are the one causing these little events to happen.

When synchronicities happen, you are in a state of manifestation and flow. Everything falls into place and it feels like the Universe is working for you, not against you. Sometimes it only happens once in a while, for a brief moment and other times it happens constantly, day after day.

I personally find that I go through periods where I experience a lot of synchronicities and periods when I don’t have any at all. This always coincides with the ups and downs of my spiritual journey. You might notice the same thing in your own life. It’s normal.

The Spiritual Roller-coaster and Synchronicity

Although everybody’s spiritual journey is different, one thing many of us can agree on is that it is full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Just like a roller-coaster, it can be a wild ride.

So naturally, you are going to have times where you don’t experience synchronicities, even when you think you are doing everything right. It’s just a natural part of your spiritual journey. The best thing you can do is accept it and use that time to observe your inner-self and reflect. Know that this too shall pass and better times are ahead.

How To Experience Magick & Synchronicity More Often

As I said before, there will be times when you go through a “spiritual low” where you wont experience much synchronicity, it’s all part of the journey. However, you can minimize those down times and also increase the amount of synchronicities you experience when you are going through one of the “spiritual high’s”.

The Alpha Mind State

The Alpha mind state is the manifestation mind state. This is the mind state you need to get into when you set your intentions, ready to manifest. Thankfully it is very easy to enter the Alpha mind state, we enter this state for brief moments several times a day without realizing. The problem there is that during those moments you don’t actually realize that you are in an Alpha state, so you don’t utilize it.

This is why meditation is so awesome. You are able to enter the Alpha mind state and consciously utilize it. Use this mind state to visualize your goals having been achieved or just use this Alpha mind state as a way to properly relax your mind. Either way, the more time you consciously spend in the Alpha mind state, the more often you are likely to experience consistent synchronicity and manifestation.

The Synchronicity Ultra Subliminal Audio

I don’t totally feel comfortable tooting my own horn but WOW! This subliminal is powerful. I was actually already in a good place where I was experiencing a few synchronicities but they really ramped up while I was making the track. Obviously when making an audio, I have to listen to sections over and over again so while I was making this one, the synchronicities had already started before I had finished the audio.

Synchronicity Subliminal

The audio combines subliminal affirmations, neuro linguistic programming, brainwave entrainment and holophonic frequencies, along with rain sounds and the soft, ambient sounds of the orchastal harp. Stereo headphones are required to maximize the effectiveness of this audio.

The subliminal goes for 71 minutes, but you don’t have to listen to the entire track. You should give it at least 20 minutes but try and aim for 30 minutes to give the frequencies time to entrain the brain.

You should try to meditate while listening to this audio but I know that 20-30 minutes of meditation can be a little difficult. At the very least, you should find a very comfortable position, close your eyes and allow your mind to wander. You want to reach a relaxed, Alpha mind state so if you have to daydream, do it!

So what do you think? I am actually feel pretty confident that whether you listen to this audio 1,2 or 10 times, you will start experiencing some very exciting synchronicities soon after listening to the audio.

Try it out and tell me what you think!

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