The Corpse Pose: Savasana

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What can I say about the Corpse Pose? If you think you are shit at yoga, try this posture! Actually, despite the fact that you are laying flat on your back and not moving, it is a little bit more difficult than it looks.

Yoga Corpse Pose

The objective of the Corpse Pose is to imitate a corpse by keeping perfectly still. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Well it actually is, once you get past the feelings of restlessness.

This posture is great for reducing stress. By laying motionless while staying awake and allowing the mind to remain active, you learn to relax and remain calm.

The Corpse pose is often used at the end of a yoga sequence to help remove the fatigue caused by the previous Asanas (yoga postures) and leave you feeling refreshed.

The posture is also usually used at the end of a night-time, or sleep yoga session. Sometimes in your own bed, where you are allowed to fall asleep in the position (after holding it for some time).

If you are curious about yoga, and don’t know where to begin, try practicing the Corpse Pose for 3-5 minutes before going to sleep every night, while focusing on your breathing.

Watch the video below, where Maryn will show you how to do the Corpse Pose.

Avoid The Corpse Pose If:

Generally the Corpse Pose is safe for everyone. However, if you feel any pain in your lower back or have an acid reflux issue, it might be better to avoid the Corpse Pose.

One common issue you might encounter while practicing the Corpse Pose is the feeling of insatiable restlessness. This is also very common during meditation.

Once you have remained still for a certain amount of time, your body starts to fall asleep while your mind is still awake. It’s a strange feeling, and you will feel this incredible urge to move a part of your body, such as your legs or toes.

It can take some practice, but eventually you will be able to push past this feeling. Once you are able to overcome this feeling, the real benefits of this posture begin.


When you experience the mind awake/body asleep state, some strange things can happen. Many people, including myself, experience a dream-like state where you remain fully conscious and in control. I will explain more about that another time.

The mind awake/body asleep state is also a great time to recite positive affirmations or mantras, as your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion during this time.

Try it before going to sleep tonight. Commit to 5 minutes of laying motionless, or even staying in this pose until you fall asleep. Pay attention to how you feel tomorrow? Do you feel like you got a more restful sleep?

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