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We think of electricity as something that flows through wires in our home or jumps down from the sky when lightening occurs, but you have electricity flowing through your body at all times.  Understanding how this works can help you to achieve more optimal health.

Cell Communication

Our cells communicate with each other using electrical charges.  These signals move from cell to cell to regulate every process in the body from your heart beating to the circulation of blood and other body fluids.

Your body’s cells actually make electricity using chemicals such as sodium and potassium ions.  The ions are charged either positively or negatively and they move in and out of the cells.  Every time a positive ion moves toward a negative charge, an electrical impulse occurs.  And this happens over and over again throughout the day. 

When a person’s heart stops beating, an electrical charge is used to jumpstart the heart.  The electrical impulses that control the body are the reason that this works.  Coming in contact with electricity can also be harmful for you if done in the wrong way.

Electricity All Around Us

The world is full of electricity.  In fact, the Earth that we live on carries its own negative charge.  It can give us a large supply of electrons that help our body to work better.  The connection between our bodies and the Earth is often overlooked but can be powerful for our health and healing.

One way to harness this power is to practice grounding.  Grounding can help you to reconnect with the earth and take advantage of this flow of electrons.  While this may sound complicated, it’s actually pretty simple.

To do this you’ll want to come into direct contact with the Earth.  Wearing leather soled shoes or with bare feet, you’ll want to stand and walk on surfaces such as sand, wet grass, or bare earth.  You can also get contact through concrete and ceramic tile, though more natural surfaces are recommended.

Having some grounding time each day is a simple and effective way to improve our health, just like brushing your teeth or getting a good night’s sleep.  If you dislike spending time outside you may want to consider purchasing a grounding mat.

A grounding mat allows you to spend time grounding in your own home.  You can place it anywhere in your home or even when traveling.  But if you spend a little time outdoors each day with bare feet you’ll be able to harness some of the energy around you.

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