Immersive Soundscapes for Easier Meditation

Hi, I’m Jenna and I create immersive, panoramic soundscapes and meditation music to help people who struggle with traditional meditation methods. When you listen to my soundscapes with stereo headphones and close your eyes, your imagination is transported to a new world, filled with tranquility and peace.


Just Rain

a wooden bench with rain falling down on it

Oncoming Thunderstorm

landscape photography of mountains during cloudy skies

Fizzy Drink Soundscape

Brainwave Entrainment

Mind Massage

Woman Having a Face Massage

Sleep Solution

Russian Blue cat sleeping on whit textile

Tinnitus Relief

black wireless headphones between Apple Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse on white surface

Layered Affirmations & Subliminal Audio

Sleepy Layered Affirmations

Short-coated Brown Puppy Sleeping on Brown Mat

Boost Your Charisma Subliminal

People in Front of Black Microphone

Unleash Your Full Potential

Ace of Spade Playing Card on Grey Surface

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