How Much Time Should I Spend Meditating Each Day?

How Much Time Should I Spend Meditating Each Day |

When you are trying to start a regular meditation practice, you want to stick to easy and achievable goals at first. You should be focusing on getting into the habit of regular meditation, rather than how long you should meditate.

How Much Time Should I Spend Meditating Each Day |

Ideally, you want to aim for at least 10 minutes of meditation a day but 10 minutes can seem like a long time to sit in stillness when you are first starting out.

Once you have gotten into the habit of meditating every day, 10 minutes will be easy but until then you need to set realistic goals. Can you aim for 7 minutes? 5 minutes? 3 minutes?

“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace.”

J. Donald Walters

Decide What Time Of Day Is Best

Choose the best time of day to meditate, whether it be in the morning, night or even during your lunch break, pick a time of day to meditate and stick to that time.

One good idea is to pick a regular habit, like brushing your teeth or having a shower, and choosing that time of day to meditate. For example, when you have your shower, take an extra 5-10 minutes to meditate after your shower. Or you could choose to meditate for 5 minutes before brushing your teeth every morning and night.

Set An Alarm

At first, you might want to set an alarm for your meditation. If you can only spare 5 minutes then before you start your meditation, set your alarm for 5 minutes.

It is easy to get distracted with thoughts like “How long have I been meditating?” and “Has it been long enough yet?” so by setting an alarm, you can put those thoughts aside and know that your alarm will go off when it is time to stop.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a great way to hold yourself accountable and incorporate meditation into your daily routine. You will be able to watch your progress develop over time which will help you set realistic goals in the future.

It takes 21 days, or 3 weeks, to create a habit. This means that if you can force yourself to do a few minutes of meditation everyday for 3 weeks (it gets easier as time goes on!) then after that time has passes, you will be in the regular habit of meditating daily and it will come as a second nature to you.

21 Day Meditation Tracker

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Listen To Music

If you are having trouble with meditation, one suggestion is to listen to music. Pick a song that makes you feel good, put on your headphones, close your eyes and completely immerse yourself in the music. The song may only go for a few minutes but that's ok. Listen to the full song. If you do this once or twice a day regularly, you will find it easier to sit in stillness in the future.

Schumann Resonance

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It's worth experimenting with different types of meditation and different times. For your daily meditation practice, choose something that is short, easy and can be done anywhere. That way you are more than likely to keep up with meditation on a daily basis. Save the more involved and lengthy meditations for your days off, when you have time to prepare and get into the right headspace.

Try shorter periods of meditation, multiple times a day. Then try a longer period of meditation before you go to bed at night. See what works best for you. Some people find that taking 5 minutes to sit in stillness, 3 times a day is most effective for them. Others find that sitting through 15 minutes of meditation after waking up, or before going to bed, works better for them.

Meditation should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Don't stress out about it and don't make it feel like a chore. Find a daily practice that is easy for you and something that you look forward to. That is the key to keeping a regular meditation practice.

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The Importance Of Staying Grounded


I often have troubles with grounding. My meditations can get intense and I am often “off with the fairies” even when I am not meditating. Most of the time, I live in my own little world. Seeing everything through rose-tinted sunglasses. This is intentional. I have put a lot of inner-work into seeing the world in such a positive light. I never used to see the world this way. However, sometimes I really am off with the fairies (or Angels) and fail to notice that there is a reality that I have to deal with and that reality might not be so nice right now.


Meditation | https://jennanewbery.comWarning! Meditation Can Turn You Into An Airhead

I am not joking. Meditation can turn you into an airhead. Don’t get me wrong, meditation will increase your overall intelligence but too much higher meditation and not enough grounding will turn you into an airhead.

This is something that I am prone to. Meditation gives me a buzz. I feel light and airy, I feel like I don’t need to eat or sleep as much as usual. In small amounts, this is a good thing. However, I still need to sleep and eat to function as a human. Meditation makes me feel connected to the spiritual world but often leaves me feeling ungrounded in reality.

I don’t know about anyone else, but too much meditation and not enough grounding makes me a little too “fairy woo-woo” and seem like my head is in the clouds. Without grounding, I feel very connected to the spiritual world but struggle in my day-to-day life.

Why I Keep My Freezer Stocked With Cheeseburgers

Yes, cheeseburgers. Frozen ones. The kind of cheeseburgers that you find in the frozen meal section of the supermarket. I always keep a few of those in my freezer because cheeseburgers and other forms of junk food are great emergency-grounding tools.

It’s a controversial opinion and I have been told-off before, by other “spiritually-minded” people, for recommending junk food to help with grounding.

I suppose, as a spiritual nut, I should be advising that everyone eats 100% vegan food that has given consent before being harvested but I am not a vegan and the fact is, cheeseburgers work. Eating a cheeseburger is a great way to quickly ground yourself.

All food has a grounding effect but some foods are better at grounding than others. Foods that are heavy and more difficult to digest are great if you are feeling ungrounded. Lighter, more easy to digest foods are less grounding and are great if you have a long meditation session planned or have been feeling too grounded.

Ideally, you would eat a balanced diet and not have to worry too much about feeling ungrounded but it is good to have a few emergency techniques up your sleeve.

A Long Shower Helps

Baths are great but showers are better. The water runs over you, down the drain and then goes underground. Every time you have a shower, you are standing under a stream of grounded, running water. This is excellent for energetic cleansing and grounding.

How many times have you been in a bad mood, had a shower and have immediately felt much more calm and centered afterwards? I like to shower at night, before I go to bed because not only is it better for my skin, it also washes away all the energy that I have picked up over the course of the day. I feel like I have hit the “Reset” button and have been taken back to my original state. I have a better sleep when I go to bed feeling this way.

Grounding Meditation

I know that I said that too much meditation can leave you feeling ungrounded but there are grounding meditations that you can do to help you feel more grounded.

One common grounding meditation is to go outside and stand barefoot on the ground, find some grass or soil if you can. Imagine a golden-white light entering the top of your head (the crown area) and entering your body. Visualize this golden-white light moving down your spine, through your legs and into your feet. Then imagine roots, growing from your feet and into the Earth. Visualize the golden-white light flowing through your body, down to your feet and then through the (imagined) roots of your feet and into the Earth.

Listening To Music Can Help With Grounding

Certain types of music can help you with grounding but other types of music can leave you feeling ungrounded. It's important to take note of how certain songs make you feel so you can use that to your advantage later on.

The Schumann Resonance, also known as the Earth's Resonance, is a frequency of 7.83hz and is the sound frequency that the Earth emits. We humans can't hear this sound as it is below our normal hearing threshold (16hz-20hz) but by using brainwave entrainment, we are able to perceive this sound frequency.

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The above video is from the Schumann Resonance brainwave entrainment mp3, which is available to download in my shop for free. This track will gently bring your mind down to a relaxed theta mind state and leave you feeling grounded and refreshed. Click here to get yours.

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